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Dead Ranger by Shimmering-Sword

Alright... this is my first go at a critique here though I have worked to tutor a lot of my friends and accomplices, LOL. I'm going to ...



Hatchling by Myrretah
This is a head that i was sent from Harucasting, their Adori sculpt, which was created in the likeness of their beautiful son. Mine is a girl and is half raven demon and half... something else. Her father, Nariaki, raises her until he realizes that he can't keep her safe as the demons are all being hunted and he doesn't want his little crow to be harmed. He brings her to the only two people he knows can keep her safe and she is raised by nephilim with their daughter, Starling.
Ferris by Myrretah
Ferris is a songwriter, a dreamer, a little bit OCD, a giant shut in. He tries not to burden anyone around him with his life and only let's his emotion ebb in his songs.

Ferris it a Migidoll Mu head on a souldoll double body. He is not stock so please don't use him without permission.
Lucian's long wig complete by Myrretah
Lucian's long wig complete
This is such a process. this is the second wig that i have ever made. It is angora goat and i really like how it came out. I have his short wig done too, so now i have no excuse but to complete his modification and make him some clothes.

Lucian Angelesque is my white wolf. He is a dream of doll head on an iplehouse body.

A bland state of new

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 23, 2012, 9:21 PM
Immortal Gothic l Am I Immortal l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

so... I am typing this from my new lap top. I got it two weeks ago. Why would I do such a thing? well I got it in my head that I wanted to write on the couch... or in the garden... or anywhere else. I can't do the right now. Right now, well not right now but before right now, I was trapped at my big beasty for such things clicking away if I wanted to write. Now that I have this, I can write wherever. That's a good thing. The first thing that I did was install my outdated version or the CS suite, CS3 so that I have indesign which is what I write into. Then I put on my ancient program PSpro7 which is what I use for quick conversion and othe image editing on the fly when photoshop is acting prickish... and I'm ready to go. There is still a lot to do. I have to figure out how to instal fonts on this little thing as I use a very specific font when I write and I don't know if I can bring myself to use anything else. It just suits me. This is a new version of windows on here so I'm.... lost. In an effort to be more like windows... they hid everything on me :sigh. That would be why I am so resistant to change... because these geniouses move everything all around in an effort to make things "easier" which then means I get really pissed and stomp all around the house looking for the hidden magical place where my dumb fonts are... or music is... or whatever else the stuffed in their hatd and tucked off in a corner. Maybe by next week I will figure that out and be able to get started writing on this... which is why I dropped the money I didn't really have on it to start with.

Now.... the colors are all off so all of my photo editing will have to be done on my main pc still which is fine. I will dick with the settings on this but man... The colors are not as rich at all. I have my monitor set to display how things will print on my big beast and here, well here it looks all washed out because of that. Now I understand why some of the things that I have found so dark, too dark and rich... you guys have been like, meh, whatevs shawnti. Well, I would fix it all so it looked the same on here but.... sorry. I care about print and digital copy so... yup, just imagine it 15% darker and realize that when you eventually do see some of this stuff in person... I did warn you that it was jeweltoned and that you monitor was blanching it, LOL. Sorry. I wish I could make every computer see what I am seeing but... I'm not that good.

OK so I do have other news too. I'm sure you noticed the cover for Meth Embrace has been completed and posted. That is the whole image and the end result on the book may only be a portion of that. I have a few meetings lined up and I'm sure that will be one of the things that my publisher and I discus. I'm really excited about the progress. Things have been moving forward and I am hopeful for the future. I have been moving forward with book 2. I'm not very far into it but I am moving forward. It is very dark. I hadn't expected it to be so dark. MEthiyus is in pain and I don't know how to start is hurting. I am pushing through it though. He will not hurt less, but he will more immediately have some distractions from the pain. Now, I have made another character and I was SO UPSET. I was all proud of myself because his name is Gray. It fits him so perfectly. Then I discovered that that crappy piece of junk 50 shades of grey is called that cause the man in it is named grey. I died a little inside. I had no damned idea. I'm super pissed.  My character is most certainly depraved but... he did not originate as some woman's wet dream about twilight I assure you. Gray is more than sex and violence. He is so very much more. Gray is also what he was named by the person who made him and in his life he had a very different name... but Nichodemus saw him as the endless median that lies between light and dark. Gray was the line that skirts right and wrong, both noble and depraved. I'm still just getting to know him myself but there are a few things I do know... Like most of his kind Gray is broken so don't think you are going to be getting any necrophilia outta yours truly.  If the blood isn't flowing through their veins than the junk doesn't work! That's the end of that! The spelling. The spelling is on purpose as well. Gray was the color of my stallion. That is why Gray is named that way and part of the reason why he is such a punk. Methiyus is going to have his hands full.

Dollies!!!! Well D is being a freak and looks, well he looks like a real boy and is thumbing his nose at Pinocchio. I don't even know what to say about that. Cain was put on hold for a moment because I needed the seal but now I made a mold so I will be looking at getting those production molds underway. Sera has been converted over to being a faceplate. Eventually the three main production pieces of Cain will be as well. So the one that has elf ears, the one that has partially closed eyes, and the normal one with the scar will all be faceplates at some point in the future. Andreus. Now he was quite unexpected. At first he was just a mod to a rather generic head but... I liked him so much for him to just remain something with color discrepancies and issues with smoothness. now I have decided to resculpt him so that I can properly convert him over to be a faceplate and I can have him all in one even color. At that point he will more be inspired by my modded face. I will use it as an example for size and for the expression but I want him to be all me. I will hold my modded head aside, safe, but I don't want to be accused of recasting or any of that garbage so it is important to me to start new. Andreus will be 100% mine and will be completed for my 68cm body. Now sizes... I had an idea for sizes but I wasn't sure how other people would feel about it so please tell me what you think. I was going to start with the 60cm. Then from there I will have sculpts that are 64cm, 68cm, and 74cm. Do you like the sizes? There would be both boys and girls available up to 68cm and the 74s will just be boys. Any of the heads for the 68s will work on normal 70 bodies if you don't like my sculpt. I want multiple body types available for each size. Oh... and 40s. I Was thinking that I might do some that are 40s to 50s but they will be mature sculpts. When I was first starting I wanted a smaller doll but I couldn't find a small sculpt that had the mature look I had wanted and I didn't like the idea of getting something that looked like a child. They will be small but mature and won't pass for children at all. That's my hope.

For my dolls I have found a shell for Nichodemus and I have discovered a missing piece for Am I Immortal that will now be filled. Rillian is the name of that one. Now Rill is a child, but he is very old in that little body. He is everything his father should have been and is a companion to Tiamet, leading her out of the fog of her past and away from madness. They will come into play much Later in the Am I Immortal story, but I am very excited about Rill because it means... I NEED MINIFEE BREAKAWY with all the scars!!!!! yay! Now back to Nicky. Nicky will be and Immortality of Soul Shadow. It's his head. the body doesn't really fit sadly. I will order him whole to be sure but... I think it is the difference between a greyhound and a thoroughbred. I need Nicky to look like a thoroughbred and not be quite so lean like the more greyhound styled body that the 70cm immortality of soul body is... we'll see. I honestly hope that the immortality of soul body works. I don't think it will but, I have to see.

Anyway, enough chatter. I have been working on this laptop for about 4 hours installing and typing and the battery is still OK. I was worried about that so... that makes me happy. Good little beasty :D I love you all! Be well!!!!!!

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Shawnti Therrien
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
about me... I am the last person to admit I've done something well, but the first to hope with everything that I have that you love it, whatever it may be. I am happiest when I am creating and come here for inspiration. The news makes me sad, very sad so I don't watch it, despite that a lot of what I create has just as much pain and death. I have a little black cat as a life's choice though he wishes I would stop typing about him and make a lap already. I love to make another smile, even just briefly, but truly smile... and try to capture the strength of my own emotions in whatever medium I can find.

Current Residence: Connecticut
Favourite genre of music: Techno to chill to, Hard alternative to get amped up, Hip Hop remixed to dance to
Favourite photographer: Amano
Favourite style of art: I love all mediums, It's the artist behind them I fall for.
Operating System: Windows and Linux
Wallpaper of choice: Cain Razed
Favourite cartoon character: Kiba from Wolf's Rain, Toya from Ceres, ED Elric, Strong and broken...
Personal Quote: No Worries!!! or Piss off...

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Well hey, here l am awkwardly posting on your wall! I'm Courtney, we met today at Michael's. Anywho, your work is crazy-good and I'm really excited to see  more!

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Thanks :D and it's only awkward if the person you are posting on the wall of doesn't write back.... and a little cruel. Though I boast of being a bitch, I am not truly cruel and feel awkward half the time myself... so thought to spare you all that, LOL. It was great to meet you today and I'm glad you like some of what I've made. I need to post more. I have so much I need to scan and just haven't had the time for. It's easier to post pictures of my pretty resin people but... well, I guess I should post more of that too. I love how you have the feel of Ravens in a lot of your pieces. Those guys are too smart for their own good. I have three of my guys that have corvids on them and one who just plain shifts into a Raven during the daytime. I sorta have a thing for them. It looks like you like pythons too, or maybe boahs. Have you had much of a chance to interact with them?
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Of course, not a problem! :D I think you should definitely post more, I've had the pleasure to see your newest deviations and they're great! Not only are the dolls themselves interesting, but you have vastly intricate personalities and backstories for each one, and that to me is awesome. 

As for my ravens, I have always had a deep personal connection with them, ever since I was little! They are amazing creatures, but beyond that, I feel I can truly identify with them on so many levels. It also helps that I had quite an amazing experience with one as a child that has sort of made me who I am today! And yes, it has also vastly influenced my art XD

And boas and pythons are great! I actually own two ball pythons and two columbian red-tailed boas at the moment! I've had snakes and reptiles all my life ^_^

P.S. I apologize for the dramatically late response! I have been rather busy lately!
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